Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship for 2024


Embassy Recommendation


Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship offers support to international students to study in Japan. To apply for our program with MEXT scholarship, you need to pass the First Screening at your local Japanese Embassy or Consolute (hereinafter referred to "Japanese diplomatic mission") and to complete both procedures "A" and "B" below.

Note: An acceptance letter will be issued only after being accepted into our program.


For a student with Chinese or Taiwanese citizenship, refer to "Information about MEXT Scholarship application for Chinese and Taiwanese Students."


A. Create your online account and upload the documents ➀, ②, and necessary documents for the program you select from【1】to【3】. This must be completed
by 17:00 on August 25, 2023 (Japan Time)



Web Link: Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Web Entry System

     A set of documents submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission
   all with a confirmation seal affixed.
     A passing Certificate of the First Screening issued by the Japanese diplomatic


B. Select our programs from【1】to【3】below and apply according to the program guidelines. Those who are selected in the program will be provided an "Offer of Admission". Check the application guidelines of the program of your choice as the application may be closed before the deadline of MEXT application.


【1】Research Student Program (Non-degree; Graduate Level)
This program is open to a student who is in a doctoral program or equivalent registered in the university outside of Japan and whose dissertation necessitates research in Japan. It is exceptionally open to MEXT candidates seek a Master's or a Doctoral degree.
Note: Our International Program in Economics (UTIPE) does not accept any non-degree research students regardless of MEXT scholarship.


To apply, follow the procedure "A" above and upload ③ and ④ below to complete by 17:00 on August 25, 2023 (Japan Time) .


Results will be notified by e-mail by mid-September and a "Letter of Provisional Acceptance" will be provided to successful applicants.


    Applicant's graduation thesis, Master's thesis or a research paper and its summary
   (all in English or Japanese).
    Official test scores of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (N1).


  * 【1】and【3】can be applied at the same time.
  * 【1】and【2】cannot be applied at the same time. UTIPE program does not
   accept any non-degree research students.


【2】Master's degree Program, International Program in Economics (UTIPE)
UTIPE is a Master's degree program for English speakers and is designed for an Economics major where Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics are comprised as core courses. To apply, complete UTIPE application with referring to UTIPE application guideline and also take process "A" above to complete MEXT application.

The result of your UTIPE application will be regarded as that of your MEXT application.

  * 【2】and【3】can be applied at the same time.
  * 【1】and【2】cannot be applied at the same time.
   UTIPE program does not accept any non-degree research students.


【3】Master's degree program (general exam)
A certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 level is required. Application should be made according to the guideline for Master's Degree Programs (in Japanese) and complete MEXT application guided in "A" above .
  * 【1】and【3】can be applied at the same time.
  * 【2】and【3】can be applied at the same time.