As program director, I would like to thank you for your interest in UTIPE, which is our international master’s program in economics at the University of Tokyo. We offer an excellent education conducted entirely in English and are currently recruiting English-speaking students from around the world.


Our program meets the highest international standards, provides an ideal environment to learn economics, and conducts research with leading scholars across a wide range of fields. Our faculty members hold PhDs from and have taught at internationally acclaimed universities. We currently have five Fellows of the Econometric Society, which is the most prestigious learned society in the field of economics. This is the most of any Asian university.


In our program, you will have a unique opportunity to study under the supervision of leading researchers and develop expertise across a wide range of economic fields. Giving the increasing importance of Asian economies in 21st century, learning cutting edge economics in a global hub like Tokyo provides a great opportunity for both academic research and professional development. We invite you to peruse the faculty directory and websites to learn more about our research and teaching interests.


UTIPE graduates have furthered their careers in two ways. Some students have continued their education by entering doctoral programs. In recent years, former UTIPE students have enrolled in economics PhD programs at Princeton University, Yale University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Arizona, Indiana University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Tokyo. Other students have elected to take their skills to the job market and have begun careers in consulting, financial services, and tech firms both here in Tokyo and overseas.


We welcome those who love intellectual challenges and we are looking forward to seeing you here in Tokyo.


Akihiko MATSUI
Program Director