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UTIPE offers a three-year Doctoral degree program in English, and the program does NOT require Japanese language ability to obtain the degree. Applicants who are eligible to apply for the UTIPE Doctoral program are limited to those who are expected to complete UTIPE Master's program at Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo and admitted to candidacy for the program.

To complete the program, UTIPE students are required to complete a minimum of 20 credits by the end of three years including the completion of a Doctoral thesis, which will be supervised by one of the UTIPE faculties and the thesis defense. UTIPE students have a wide selection of courses to choose from both in English and Japanese (See the course offerings); it is advised to check the language of instruction before the course registration.

The students of the Doctoral Program attend a number of workshops and conferences, in order to acquire the skills required to conduct forefront research and to improve their presentation abilities. As this program has cooperation with public offices and private corporations, the students of this program will cultivate the abilities to solve political and practical problems. At the same time, experiences as a TA (Teaching Assistant) will enhance their teaching abilities.